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«RFSM-2400»-project is transformed to new project - «RFSM-8000»

"RFSM-8000" by the "RFSM-IDE Group". What is it? This is a shareware, sound card based, 'R'adio 'F'requency 'S'oftware 'M'odem.
Its purpose: Simply connect two users over the ether and simple file/e-mail exchange. RFSM is an accomplished product in the field of HF-radiocommunications.
To transmit(error FREE) files of different types (doc, Jpg, exe, etc.) and use e-mail one should just have PC with soundcard of a good quality and HF-transceiver.
RFSM is able to compete with HF-modems of such well-known producers as SCS, HAL, CODAN. For the most part RFSM provides data transmission at a speed higher than HF-modems: Clover-2000, Pactor-3, Codan-9001/3012.
There is no doubt that the mere advantages of hardware-based modems is that they have analog characteristics of a high stability and require no special setting to connect to PC.
As for RFSM soundcard setting is required. RFSM is a program but not hardware-based modem consequently its price includes no costs of hardware.
Therefore RFSM advantageously differs from other existing hardware products.

Current version is 0.541.
Get FREE trial license for RFSM-8000 NOW!

Our special offers:
1. German DARC-Emcomm introduce RFSM besides PACTOR for nationwide digital Emcomm-traffic.
Therefore, for German DARC-Emcomm-members only we have special (lower) price (50 USD for full-featured radioamateur license).

For additional information about this offer please e-mail to us.

To exam RFSM the promotional freeware version (RFSM-2400) can be used for free. However RFSM-2400 project is over, and we start a new project - RFSM-8000.
A number of bugs found in RFSM-2400 have been corrected in RFSM-8000. Moreover RFSM-8000 supports a great variety of new interesting and useful functions.
To use them you should only download the latest version of the program and get an trial RADIOAMATEUR license for free.
How do it? For version 0.523 and above, anybody can send email to us (with owned callsign),
and we will send back trial RADIOAMATEUR license, which allows using of ALL features of RFSM-8000 (for testing purposes).
Trial RADIOAMATEUR license is time-limited (trial period is 30 days), and allows using one pre-defined callsign.
We recommend using the whole range of possibilities of RFSM-8000, and if the trial period (30 days) is not enough our group can prolong it - we can give the key again.
See info about RFSM-2400/8000 on Digital Yahoo group (frequency, time and etc).

Also, we offer several types of permanent licenses.
Licenses and activation keys is text strings (in Base64), and must be entered in special menu "Enter license key...".

1. For radioamateurs ONLY (special low prices, allows using of ONE callsign only):
Attention! Trial radioamateur license is REQUIRED, because activation key is not functional without trial license.
- permanent radioamateur FULL-FEATURED ACTIVATION KEY - price 60 USD
Full-featured activation key allows using of ALL features of RFSM-8000 without ANY limits.
- permanent radioamateur MAIL-CLIENT ACTIVATION KEY - price 20 USD
Mail-client activation key allows using all features, except mail-server mode (mail-client ONLY).

2. For organizations ONLY (standard price, allows using of ANY callsign):
- permanent commercial FULL-FEATURED LICENSE KEY - price 290 190 USD
Full-featured license allows using of ALL features of RFSM-8000 without ANY limits.

3. Special version for organization (adapted for your specific requirements) - please, contact us:

1. Capabilities of "RFSM-8000" (and will be more...)

1.1. All features from "RFSM-2400" (available without licensing):
- simple link creation and upholding;
- user chat (keyboard to keyboard);
- operates as FTP-like client / server (abilities: read and change the remote user's directories, upload and download a files to/from remote user's directories);
- operates as e-mail client (abilities: create new mail, send mail to server, read contents of owned mail-box, get or delete mail from owned mail-box);
- operation as a timed "beacon".
1.2. New features:
- More speed - up to 8000 bps (standard mode), or 6670 bps (narrow mode);
- Special robust mode - 300 (250) bps (16-Walsh-based), works under poor conditions ( -3 dB );
- Special very robust mode - 75 (62) bps (32-Walsh-based), works under very poor conditions ( -8 dB );
- No limits on size of transferred files;
- Uncompleted transfers can be resumed;
- Use built-in compression of transferred files;
- Transmitter control over CI-V (or any CAT) interface;
- Broadcast chat (without connection);
- Logarithmic spectroscope view and "Waterfall" view (colored/grayed);
- Operates as local e-mail server (uses POP3/SMTP protocols). See instructions in file "using e-mail.txt".

We will respectfully accept any suggestions about new features from all (

2. Short technical description of "RFSM-8000"

- easy and simple user interface;
- multi-language support (English, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Italian, Finnish, Russian);
- simple correspondents database and packets display monitor (for monitoring without connection);
- real-time signal spectroscope/waterfall view, and IQ-diagram;
- operates under standards MIL-STD 188-110A / MIL-STD 188-110B App. C, (also under a modified version);
- maximum speed: 8000 bps (standard mode), or 6670 bps (non-standard "narrow" mode);
- signal bandwidth: 0.3-3.3 kHz (standard mode) and 0.3-2.7 kHz (non-standard mode).
- uses adaptive correction;
- file transfers are accomplished utilizing ARQ;
- uses SSE2 optimization (if available on CPU);
- transmitter control over COM-port (DTR or RTS line, or CI-V interface);
- allow correction of sound card discretization error;
- allow simple remote control and file-based IPC (for automatic connecting and file transfer);
- allow operation as "dumb modem" (only in non-standard mode). No user commands, IPC only (see file "remote.txt" for details).

3. Required PC

- CPU: Pentium-III 600 / Athlon 600 or more.
- RAM: 64 Mb or more.
- Video: VGA, minimum 640x480 resolution, or more.
- Soundcard: full-duplex, DirectX-compatible, 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz.
- OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2K/XP/2003 (with DirectX 5.0+) or Linux (with WINE).
- Peripherals: COM-port (for transmitter control).
Warning: Operating under Linux/WINE is CPU intensive! There may be problems with the ability to capture audio.

4. Short versions history

Changes in version 0.537.
(+) Using very robust mode (75 bps) for file-transfer.
(+) User can define maximum and minimum used speed.
(+) Transmitter PTT-control settings can be read from OmniRig .INI-files.

Changes in version 0.536.
(+) Using additional robust mode (300 bps) for connect/service/chat packets (for bad conditions).
(*) User can define maximum used Hi-Speed mode (if Hi-Speed modes available).
(-) Fixed small bug (can not open COM-ports greater COM9).

Changes in version 0.535.
(-) Fixed small bug in email-server.

Changes in version 0.534.
(-) Fixed some bugs (may be :).

Changes in version 0.533.
(-) Fixed some bugs.
(*) Small changes in licensing system.
Sorry, mode "75 long" is not ready for file-transfer yet: :(

Changes in version 0.532.
(+) Add new 32-Walsh-based very-robust mode - "75 long" (standard) / "62 long" (narrow).
Now available in beacon only (for testing purposes), but will be available for file-transfer in next releases.
(+) Add feature - program can add user-defined pause after each block of signal (see options "Modulation").
This ability is designed specially for work over repeaters, or for manually slowdown transfer (if rig is overheated in "normal" mode :)
Warning! Both users must add equal pause for best stability.

Changes in version 0.531.
(+) Add feature - automatically disconnect, if there is no data-transfer long time (see options "Connection")
(-) Several bugs fixed.

Changes in version 0.53.
(+) Mode 300(250) can be used for file-transfer.
(*) Some changes in demodulation algorithms of Hi-speed modes.
(*) Some changes in mechanism of file-transfer.
(*) Some changes in mechanism of connection making. Now connect can be quickly re-made, when only one (not BOTH) user lost connect.
(-) And, of course, some bugs fixed :)

Changes in version 0.529.
(+) Add new 16-Walsh-based robust mode - "300 long" (wide) / "250 long" (narrow).
Now available in broadcast chat and beacon only (for testing purposes).
Mode "300(250) long" will be used for file-transfer in next release).
(+) Add feature - user can select mode of broadcast chat: 300(250) long, 600(500) long, 600(500) short (default).
(+) Add feature - input of signal from WAV/PCM files, see popup-menu in "Tuning signal" window.
(+) Add feature - for "waterfall"/spectroscope, user can change FFT-size (64, 128, 256, 512) and FFT-window (rectangular, Hamming, Blackmann, and other).
(*) Some changes in demodulation algorithms (may be increase robustness of hi-speed modes:)
(-) Some bugs fixed in sound input/output "engine" (may be increase stability :).

Changes in version 0.528.
(+) Add feature - attach/detach files to mail message.

Changes in version 0.527.
(+) Add feature - 'black' list ability (see "options"->"connection"). Users from 'black' list can not make connection.
For editing 'black' list, see "Remote users list"->page "'White' / 'Black' lists"
(-) Some bugs fixed.

Changes in version 0.526.
(+) Add feature - simple built-in e-mail message's editor (attachment support will be added in next releases :)
(+) Add feature - allow multi-sending email (sender must set many callsigns in <> brackets, example: "Subject: Hello all!").
If required mail-box is not exist (in brackets only!), then it will be created.
(*) Beacon maximum period is increased - to 20 minuts.
(-) Some bugs fixed.

5. Thanks for testing and support!

- SergUA6, Rulez Reloaded, Mesh, Other, rn9aaa, Zmej, RN3ZF and others - Russia (
- Steinar Aanesland (LA5VNA)- Norway
- Matti Niemela (OH2ZT) - Finland
- Karel Fassotte (HC1AKP, PE2KFA) - Equador
- Roberto Abis (IS0GRB) , Gianni Schintu (ISьXDA) - Italy
- Les Keppie (VK2DSG) - Australia
- Patrick CADEK (F1OFF) - voluntary support in France
- Franz Weber - Germany

6. What is «RFSM-IDE Group»?

We are several Russian demodulation/decoding/programming experts, working for over 7 years in HF communications.
For any questions, please contact:

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